A craft passed down and passed on


Back when I was growing up, I remember my Dad sitting at the kitchen table with all his Tandy tools out and pounding away for hours. He just did leatherwork because he enjoyed it. I now have his tools in my shop. They may not be fancy - but they were his and that makes me smile. 

When I got started in leatherwork, I was blessed to find a few very patient and awesome folks who welcomed me into this world. A gentle soul named Luke and a very special group of ladies have encouraged me and helped me along this path. They share their knowledge and their gifts with me, and to them,  I'm forever grateful. 

Leatherwork, like any craft, is something that is handed down from generation to generation, from friend to friend. While we learn a lot from the new-fangled tools like Youtube, they can never replace the time and patience of a master's eye over your shoulder. 

I have horses and because of this, it seemed the obvious place for me to focus. As I learn my craft (I'm always learning), I've become much more picky and selective. I look for quality materials and craftsmanship. Things like beautifully finished edges, exceptional leather, thoughtful construction are most important. 

Hopefully this gives you a little peep into my head. I strive to offer you, not always the least expensive but, certainly, a high quality product made right in my own shop. 

Love and hugs to all,